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Borneo Adventure

Discover the landscapes and culture, as well as the amazing flora and fauna of this exotic and evocative island

A 12 day Borneo tour to Sabah and Sarawak

Our Malaysia, Borneo tour, Borneo Adventure, takes in spectacular landscapes, incredible flora and fauna, lush rainforest, local culture and cuisine and offers an extension to a tropical island in the South China Sea. From historic Kuching City, we’ll visit the stunning national parks of Bako, World Heritage Mulu and Mount Kinabalu. You’ll go up river crocodile spotting in Kinabatangan, go on night treks, day hikes, visit the unique Sabah Tea Plantation, stay in an eco-lodge and of course discover the famous orangutan sanctuary at Sepilok.

Optional add-ons include a stay at the superb Danum Valley Rainforest Lodge, a two-day ascent of Mount Kinabalu or a three-day stay on the unspoilt tropical island of Manukan. A varied and truly unforgettable 2 week Borneo adventure!




Here's an idea of what you can expect to do and see day-to-day.

Day 1 - Kuching - arrival and walking tour of the historic town

Morning arrival in Kuching and an afternoon tour of some of the sites of the scenic and historic town founded in 1872 by the famous ‘Raja’ Charles Brooke. The tour includes Chinatown, the waterfront area, colonial buildings such as Fort Margherita and the excellent Sarawak Museum.

Extra nights in Kuching prior to your tour are available on request

Overnight: Kuching Transport: Walk,  Meals: D,

Day 2 - Bako - a visit to the national park

Transfer by road and by boat to the nearby Bako National Park. This spectacular protected area, located on the Bako Peninsula just south of Kuching, displays some of Sarawak’s most diverse flora and fauna. Hiking routes through the park will be selected after discussion with your guide, according to time constraints and energy levels.  Late afternoon return to Kuching Town.

Overnight: Kuching Transport: Minibus, Boat, Walk,  Meals: B, L,

Day 3 - Mulu National Park - into the interior

Transfer by plane into the island’s interior to visit the awesome World Heritage Mulu National Park, where we’ll stay in the well-appointed lodges of the national park itself. Afternoon visit to Deer and Lang Caves – two of the Park’s most spectacular, and indeed two of the world’s largest caves.  After dinner, there’s an optional night hike for those who’d like to experience the sounds and sights of the rainforest after dark.

Overnight: Mulu Transport: Plane, Walk,  Meals: B, L,

Day 4 - Mulu - the world's longest cave and a canopy walkway

Morning boat trip up the jungle-lined Clearwater River to visit the famous cave of the same name which at 107 kms is a contender for the longest in the world. Additional visit to the magnificent Wind Cave before returning to the Park HQ for a tree-top level view of the lush forest and birdlife on the canopy walkway,  one of the longest canopy walkways in Asia!

Overnight: Mulu Transport: Boat, Walk,  Meals: B, L,

Day 5 - Kota Kinabalu - farewell to Sarawak and arrival in Sabah

This morning is free to relax, explore some of the self-guided trails or take in the Park’s visitors centre.  Later, we say goodbye to Sarawak and transfer to the small Mulu Airport for our flight to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Explore the town’s night market or perhaps stroll down to the waterfront for sundowners?

Overnight: Kota Kinabalu Transport: Minibus, Plane, Walk,  Meals: B, D,

Day 6 - Tambunan - waterfall, butterflies and a Rafflesia Forest Reserve

Day tour to Tambunan district at the foot of the vast Crocker Ranges where our visits will include the picturesque Mahua Falls, the Kibandi Butterfly Farm to learn about some of the region’s rare and endangered, and simply spectacular insect and plant life.  Plus a hike through the unusual Rafflesia Forest Reserve to discover the world’s largest flower.

Overnight: Kota Kinabalu Transport: Minibus, Walk,  Meals: B, L,

Day 7 - Mount Kinabalu - the National Park and Sabah Tea Plantation

Return to the interior with a two-hour scenic drive to Mount Kinabalu National Park, where we’ll hike along one of the Park’s nature trails with spectacular views over the 13,436 ft mountain. Next up will be the fascinating Sabah Tea Plantation for tasting opportunities and the chance to learn about organic tea production with, of course, more fantastic views of Kinabalu. Overnight in cottages in the plantation.

Overnight: Sabah Tea Transport: Minibus, Walk,  Meals: B, L, D,

Day 8 - Kinabatangan - a stay in a jungle eco-lodge

Leisurely morning before a departure for Bilit in the Kinabatangan Wildlife Corridor where we’ll check-in to our beautifully located riverside, jungle eco-lodge. A sunset boat cruise on the jungle-lined Kinabatangan River and a night trek to discover the nocturnal wildlife complete our day’s activities.

Overnight: Bilit Transport: Minibus, Boat, Walk,  Meals: B, L, D,

Day 9 - Kinabatangan - river cruise and night hike in the jungle

Today’s program includes a dawn river cruise, morning trek to an oxbow lake, night nature trail or relaxing at the lodge while listening to the sounds of the jungle. Proboscis monkeys, macaques, orangutans, crocodiles, pygmy elephants and otters are just a few of the possible wildlife sightings you may make, whilst rare bird species found here include the lesser adjutant, Storm’s Stork, pitas and several species of hornbill, including the majestic and colourful rhinoceros hornbill.

Overnight: Bilit Transport: Walk, Tuk Tuk,  Meals: B, L, D,

Day 10 - Sepilok - on to Sepilok and its world famous orangutan sanctuary

Morning departure for the nearby Gomantong Caves, well known for their valuable edible swiftlet nests. Explore the limestone caves and discover their unique eco-system and, with luck, spot some of the wild orangutans that inhabit this area. Continue to Sepilok for lunch where we’ll visit the famous orangutan sanctuary and rehabilitation centre. Overnight by the Sanctuary at a jungle lodge.

Overnight: Sepilok Transport: Minibus, Tuk Tuk,  Meals: B, L, D,

Day 11 - Sepilok - Rainforest Discovery Centre and return to Kota Kinabalu

A morning at leisure gives you the opportunity to visit the newly created sun bear sanctuary or the Rainforest Discovery Centre before an afternoon flight to Kota Kinabalu.

Overnight: Kota Kinabalu Transport: Minibus, Plane, Walk,  Meals: B,

Day 12 - Kota Kinabalu - morning to explore and afternoon departure

The morning is at leisure to explore Kota Kinabalu, and perhaps check out one of it’s museums or markets before either an afternoon transfer to Kota Kinabalu Airport for your departure, or on to Manukan for an island extension.

Extra nights in Kota Kinabalu are also available on request

Overnight: Departure Transport: Minibus, Walk,  Meals: B, 

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Malaysia, orangutan

Just a few of the many highlights

Jungle hikes, canopy walks, night treks and river expeditions are all on our Borneo menu as well as cave exploration, visits to an orangutan rehabilitation centre and an overnight stay at a tea plantation.

  • Explore the colonial heritage and bustling Chinatown of charming Kuching Town
  • A 2 night stay in World Heritage Mulu National Park with its stunning scenery and vast cave systems
  • Visit the world famous Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Sabah State
  • Discover the spectacular landscapes and flora and fauna of Bako National Park
  • Check out the highly varied and well preserved wildlife of Kinabatangan on foot and by boat
  • Extensions include a stay at an eco-lodge in the fabulous Danum Valley or a 3 day sejourn on tropical Manukan Island

Air Departures (UK)

  • 11 August 18 2,475 GBP
  • 15 September 18 2,475 GBP
  • 20 October 18 2,475 GBP
  • 18 November 18 2,475 GBP
  • 23 December 18 2,875 GBP
  • 19 January 19 2,475 GBP
  • 16 February 19 2,475 GBP
  • 23 March 19 2,475 GBP
  • 13 April 19 2,475 GBP
  • 24 May 19 2,475 GBP
  • 29 June 19 2,475 GBP
  • 27 July 19 2,675 GBP
  • 31 August 19 2,475 GBP
  • 12 October 19 2,475 GBP
  • 16 November 19 2,475 GBP
  • 21 December 19 2,775 GBP

Land Departures

  • 12 August 20 1,675 GBP
  • 16 September 18 1,675 GBP
  • 21 October 18 1,675 GBP
  • 19 November 18 1,675 GBP
  • 24 December 18 1,675 GBP
  • 20 January 19 1,675 GBP
  • 17 February 19 1,675 GBP
  • 24 March 19 1,675 GBP
  • 14 April 19 1,675 GBP
  • 25 May 19 1,675 GBP
  • 30 June 19 1,675 GBP
  • 28 July 19 1,675 GBP
  • 1 September 19 1,675 GBP
  • 13 October 19 1,675 GBP
  • 17 November 19 1,675 GBP
  • 22 December 19 1,675 GBP

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*Air departures are from the UK. Land departures start from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

*Land departure dates correspond to the FIRST day of the itinerary.

We choose our hotels based on a combination of location, comfort and convenience. Here is a *selection of the types of hotel/rooms you can expect to stay at on this tour...

The Lime Tree, Kuching view

  • Central location in historic Kuching Town near Chinatown
  • Well-appointed, comfortable rooms
  • Great views from their rooftop bar and restaurant

Mulu National Park Lodge, Mulu view

  • A stay in Sarawak's famous Mulu National Park
  • Overnight in park lodges in the heart of the jungle
  • Bungalow style accommodation

Sabah Tea Plantation, Kinabalu view

  • An overnight stay on a tea plantation
  • Sabah Tea has well situated bungalow type accommodation...
  • ...with dramatic views over nearby Mount Kinabalu itself

Bilit Adventure Lodge, Kinabatangan view

  • Located on the banks of Borneo's Kinabatangan River.
  • Ideally situated for exploring the region by boat or on foot
  • Simple but comfortable and eco-friendly design

Sepilok Jungle Resort, Sabah view

  • Wonderful Sepilok Jungle Resort, set in lush rainforest
  • Close to the famous Sepilok Orang-Utan sanctuary.
  • Chalet style accommodation in a garden setting

Manukan Island Resort, Sabah view

  • Manukan Island - in the South China Sea
  • A stunning and beautifully preserved, tropical island
  • Located in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park.

*This list should be considered a guide only, hotels/rooms may change (without notice) depending on availability.

Visa Info & Notes

Malaysia: No visa in advance is required. A free 60 day visa is issued on arrival at Kuching Airport

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