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Tailor-made Tours

Our bespoke or custom-made tour options for travel in Southeast Asia

Tailor-made tours

Bespoke, custom-made, tailor-made, or even tailormade, basically refer to individualised itineraries designed to meet your specific requirements, preferred destinations, timeframe etcetera, in contrast to our existing range of off-the-shelf, scheduled tours.

They are by nature private tours and are available to any group comprising a minimum of 4 full-paying persons, (or the equivalent of). The maximum group size is up to you as is the length of the tour. Such tailor-made tours are popular with families – for obvious reasons – (see also our family tour page), but are also suitable for groups of friends and like-minded travellers, couples, special interest groups and clubs/societies and so on. (See for example photography/speciality tours).

Is there anywhere or anything you fancy that we haven’t yet covered in our regular tours – either in terms of activities or destinations? Or perhaps you’re interested in a combination of regions or countries that aren’t yet on our menu? Please do bear in mind though, when considering requests, that whatever your map of Southeast Asia may be suggesting, transport infrastructure in certain areas – especially remoter ones – is not always top-notch and travel times may be considerably lengthier than you’d sometimes imagine. We’re also not in favour of including numerous local flights – which are expensive and clearly not particularly eco-friendly – so we’d encourage you to refrain from the ‘we have a 2-week vacation and would like to visit Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam…’ style requests.

While our regular tours are based around mid-range, 3-star accommodation, (ideally, where available, small boutique-style hotels), upgrades to 4 or 5-star are easily accommodated, whether this applies to an off-the-shelf or tailor-made tour itinerary.

Finally, also note that French language tours are also available. For themed tours; photography, food, wildlife etc, please check our speciality tour page for additional details.

Ground handling, destination management and fixing services

In addition to running our own tours, we’ve also regularly managed tours for other companies including Thomas Cook (Belgium), Huwans (France) and Charity Challenge (UK).

College, university and even school trips are also very much on the menu and have been succesfully run in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

‘Fixing services’ are also avilable and in the past we’ve organised trips for the BBC, Channel 4 and MTV in Thailand and Malaysia as well as organising numerous journalist and media trips. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information on how we can help.

Tailor-made tours