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Photography Tours

A series of dedicated photography tours to Southeast Asia, accompanied by one of our highly experienced, professional travel photographers


All Points East’s series of original photography tours to Southeast Asia keeps to our signature style by combining the well-known and off-the-beaten-track destinations as well as both the iconic sights and images of everyday life. All tours will be fully guided by one of our professional travel photographers, Gary Latham or Jeff Perigois. Both of whom highly experienced in the region.

Our aim is to encourage beginners or casual amateurs to not only get to know their cameras better, but to interact with their subject matter in more meaningful ways. We also emphasize a style of travel photography that appreciates local people, their cultures and traditions as well as encouraging a positive impact on the places and people we visit. For the more experienced, or budding pros, we’ll do our best to get you to the right place at the right time!

The photography tours are orientated towards digital users, not only to teach the most up to date techniques but also to improve the learning curve through the added advantage of instant feedback. A variety of post-production techniques, which can often considerably improve images, can then also be demonstrated.

The structure of the tour allows for plenty of flexibility and the small group sizes enable the photographers to deal with each participant as an individual and consider their personal needs and preferences.

In terms of subjects, the idea is again to offer all aspects of travel photography including street scenes, local markets, everyday life and portraits as much as the spectacular landscapes and varied architecture. Themes can also be tailored to suit any other particular interests such as food photography or wildlife for example.


Our current photography tour destinations include Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand,  Vietnam and Sri Lanka but also bear in mind that if you fancy, for example, some beach/island time after your tour then any of our regular add-ons or island extensions are also available.

Photography Tours, Cambodia

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Photo Experts

Genuine local knowledge is what turns a good travel experience into an unfforgettable one. Here are some of our local staff and guides that help make that happen.

Gary Latham

UK-based Gary has spent more years than he'd probably care to remember as a professional travel photographer and joins us every high season to run photography tours to Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Thailand.

His vast experience includes work for, among others, Conde Nast, National Geographic, Wanderlust, Lonely Planet and Food and Travel Magazine.

Jeff Perigois

Jeff combines an encyclopedic knowledge of Southeast Asia with an unbounded enthusiasm and runs Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos tours from his home in Phnom Penh. Jeff's passion is for the unexpected - street-life and everyday scenes - but is equally at home with architecture and of course the region's wonderful landscapes.