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Koh Dach, ‘Silk Island’

An unusual and fascinating day trip!

Phnom Penh day tour to visit the nearby, Mekong island of Koh Dach

A spare day in Phnom Penh? Escape the hustle and bustle of this fascinating, yet admittedly hectic city with a day out to nearby Koh Dach. An island lying in the Mekong River itself, tranquil Koh Dach manages to seem a world away from downtown Phnom Penh whilst conveniently being only a short drive out of town along the river bank.

No sealed roads and virtually no vehicles other than motorbikes, bicycles and ox carts gives you a chance to experience traditional village life and meet the friendly locals as well as to discover the local cottage industry – weaving. Koh Dach is also known as the ‘Silk Island’ and is famous for it’s time honoured silk, cotton and even kapok weaving methods.




Here's an idea of what you can expect to do and see day-to-day.

Day 1 - Koh Dach - day tour of 'Silk island'

Your guide will meet you at your hotel at 9.00 am for a departure by tuk tuk over the Japanese Bridge and the Tonle Sap River. Our first stop will be the beautifully situated riverside temple of Wat Kean Kleang to check out the spectacular old murals before continuing along the riverbank to the ferry crossing for Koh Dach.

Our leisurely tour of the island includes visits to temples, opportunities to meet the locals, a chance to check out some of the cottage industries and just generally wander through the quaint villages and landscapes of this tranquil spot. The visit will be on foot and by tuk-tuk, (and how much you walk is completely up to you).

Lunch as guests of one of the local families and an opportunity to actually try the traditional wooden looms yourselves before a mid afternoon return to the City.

Extra accommodation in Phnom Penh is available on request

Overnight: N/A Transport: Taxi, Boat, Walk,  Meals: L, 

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Cambodia, hands-on weaving

Just a few of the many highlights

Great day trip from bustling Phnom Penh to the nearby tranquil Mekong island of Koh Dach

  • Timeless, unspoilt village life just a short hop from Phnom Penh
  • Meet the very friendly locals on Koh Dach
  • Check out the traditional weaving methods still in use on the island
  • Stay another day in Phnom Penh

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