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From the remote mountains of the far north to the myriad waterways of the picturesque Mekong Delta




Our Vietnam Tours. Some 1,600 kilometres separate the dramatic mountains along the Chinese border – reaching over 3,000m and where snow is not unknown – to the tropical Mekong Delta lying between the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

Vietnam boasts not only some of Southeast Asia’s best natural sites, with the ‘Tonkinese Alps’ and incredible Halong and Bai Tu Long Bays of the north, past the stunning, pristine beaches and fascinating Central Highlands region to the picturesque beauty of the Delta, but in bustling Saigon and graceful Hanoi, two of the region’s great cities and in imperial Hue and well-preserved Hoi An, two of it’s most historic UNESCO-listed towns.

The country’s improving, but still often basic, transport infrastructure and relative lack of tourist facilities outside of the most popular destinations can make Vietnam relatively difficult for independent travel and indeed the sheer size of the country makes even organized tours less than easy. It would take months to try and see everything!

Our selection of Vietnam itineraries includes a classic, 2-week Hanoi to Saigon itinerary plus a shorter World Heritage Sites of Vietnam option as well as combined tours including Laos and Vietnam’s far north or Cambodia with the Mekong Delta. Family tours, guided photography specials and tailor-made tours are also available.


Private, Tailor-made and Family Tours

In addition to our regular tours, we also propose a specifically designed Vietnam family tours – available for individual families.

While our Vietnam tours cover most of the nation from far north to the deep south any other requests or destinations can, of course, be catered to so don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.



Island extensions to either Phu Quoc or Mui Ne are also available as are pre or post-tour add-ons to Halong Bay or Sapa and the far north.

Note that further info, related articles and plenty more photos are available on the Vietnam page of our travel blog.



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Just a few of our favourite things to see, do and experience in Vietnam


The capital - a fascinating mix of elegant, colonial-period avenues and the narrow, bustling lanes of the old quarter


Halong Bay
UNESCO sites - our tours include no less than 7 of Vietnam's World Heritage sites; Halong Bay, Trang An, Hue, Hoi An, My Son, Phong Nha and Hanoi


Mountain scenery - the dramatic landscapes of the rugged Tonkinese Alps and its myriad, colourful, montagnard inhabitants


the Mekong Delta
The Delta - travel by boat through the picturesque maze of waterways, floating markets and orchards


Food - sample one of Southeast Asia's most varied and distinctive cuisines in pavement cafes, markets and restaurants

Culture and Customs

Knowing what to expect from local culture and customs will help you get more out of your Vietnam tour

Location, compass


Vietnam has a lengthy northern border with China before turning south between Laos and the China Sea. Further south Cambodia replaces Laos while the coast line veers north along the Gulf of Thailand.

Geography, rocks


A long, narrow coastline broken by river valleys stretches from the Tonkinese Alps - rising to over 3,000m - to the waterways and rice paddies of the Mekong Delta in the far south.

Climate, girl with parasol


Highly variable as you'd expect from a 2,000 km long country - from the steamy, tropical heat of the Delta to high mountains in the far north where even snow and ice are not unheard of.

People, person


With around 54 officially recognised ethnic groups Vietnam's population is a kaleidoscope. The main minorities being Khmer and Cham in the far south and the myriad hill-tribes of the north.

Beliefs, monk


Largely 'folk beliefs' derived from a combination of Taoism, Confucianism and ancestor worship with important Buddhist and Christian minorities plus the unique Caodaism in the country's far south.

Food, mortar and pestle


Despite strong Chinese influences Vietnam's unique cuisine combines generally mild, subtle but highly varied flavours make it a consistent favourite among visitors to Southeast Asia.

Local Experts

Genuine local knowledge is what turns a good travel experience into an unfforgettable one. Here's our shout-out to the locals that help maket that happen.'


After studying at Hanoi Uni Khanh returned to his native mountains and now lives and works in the old French hill station of Sapa. Ever popular Khanh covers the Northern Vietnam sections of our Vietnam and Yunnan and Vietnam and Laos tours.


Our connection with Tuyen goes back nearly 15 years (so he informed us) which shows how much his abilities are appreciated. Based just outside Hanoi Tuyen regularly leads our Hanoi to Saigon tours.

Things To Know

Useful information and practical tips you should know before you travel to Vietnam

Helpful Country Info

Official Name
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Capital City

c 95 million

GMT +7

Vietnamese Dong

Banking Services
ATMs widely available

110/220V; sockets usually 2 pin, flat or round

WiFi available in all hotels

4G SIM cards easily available

Dialling Code


Mixture of ancestor worship, Buddhism, Animism & Christianity

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1

When’s the best time to go to Vietnam?

The weather in Vietnam is complex – it’s such a long thin country that if you are touring the whole country, you are almost always going to get good and bad weather. In Spring (February to April) and Autumn (August to October) the temperatures are more moderate and rainfall is lighter.

Question #2

What innoculations do I need?

For Vietnam there are no compulsory inoculations – however, Hep A, Polio, Typhoid and Tetanus are recommended. If you are considering antimalarials we recommend you consult a health professional, but whatever you do or don’t do about antimalarials, we recommend a 50% DEET based insect repellent. This link is a useful resource for information on travel health.

Question #3

Do you recommend your tours for people travelling on their own?

Our small group tours make ideal holidays for solo travellers. Small fully escorted groups, eating together, family style, no compulsory single supplements all go towards making you feel like you are travelling with a group of friends. If you don’t want to share then ask about single room supplements.

Question #4

If we book flights through you, which airlines do you use?

We are happy to book your flights from the UK to Vietnam. There are direct flights but we can offer a wide range of options, from regional airports as well as London using most major airlines – most often Thai, Emirates and Qatar. Prices on the website are a guideline and we find the best prices and routes for you. Upgrades to Premium Economy or Business class are available.

Question #5

What’s your policy for tipping?

Tipping is discretionary. People always appreciate a gesture for their hard work and dedication but staff are paid and don’t rely on tips. It’s hard to give a guideline before a tour as it does depend on the group size. The tour leaders don’t collect money for tips but are happy to advise. What often works well is if the group appoint someone to collect and distribute tips on behalf of the whole group.

Question #6

How do I pay for the holiday, and is there a surcharge for credit cards?

We ask you to pay a 10% deposit upon booking your holiday with the balance being due 60 days prior to departure. There is no surcharge for paying by credit card. There is no charge for debit cards. We accept most major credit cards including American Express.

Packing Guide

Packing light is a virtue, it'll make getting around easier and gives you room for souvenirs and the special things you find along the way. Packing "as little as possible" doesn't mean you have to forego comfort and any items you may forget are usually available locally for a fraction of the price.

What to Bring

Here is our list of what to pack based on our experience travelling in Vietnam...

  • Day pack/small pack Sufficient to carry water, sun block, camera etc
  • Suitcase/Rucksack/ Backpack Any smallish bag that can be easily carried over short distances.
  • Sleeping bag liner/Single duvet cover*Opt Can be useful for homestays
  • Waterproof bag*Opt Useful for boat trips etc if you want to carry cameras etc
  • Hat Cheaply available locally
  • Light hiking boots/sandals Note trekking often involves wading through streams so something waterproof is useful.
  • Light waterproofs*Opt Useful for rainy season – but remember its still hot. Easily purchased locally
  • Lightweight cotton clothes Long sleeves and trousers for temple visits are essential and useful for evenings. Nights may get cool during winter

Weather and Climate

Vietnam Weather Chart