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Pyin U Lwin

During the colonial period Pyin U Lwin, then known as Maymo, was a popular hill-station for the British and now features on our Discover Burma Tour

If these fantastic stagecoaches were to be found in any other country apart from Burma then we reckon they’d certainly be housed in museums. Now contrary to what you may imagine they are not used to give tourists rides but are a genuine form of local transport in the former old, (and near unpronounceable),  British hill-station of Pyin U Lwin. As mentioned in our previous post they are the local equivalent of tuk-tuks and the coaches below were all photographed outside the central market in town where they were waiting to carry local shoppers or traders back home.

Traditional Burmese transport

Burma (Myanmar) tour

Pyin U Lwin, Shan State

Maymo, Shan State

Stagecoach in Maymo

Pyin U Lwin transport

Pyin U LwinAll with custom paint jobs and clearly lovingly cared for, these colourful coaches are a unique and highly photogenic sight and although our original intention in adding Pyin U Lwin to our Discover Burma tour itinerary was to; a. give you a flavour of an old British hill-station and b. visit the exceptional botanical gardens, it’s probably worth the drive up from Mandalay just to check out the fabulous coaches and the fascinating and bustling market itself? Cheers!