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Hoi An

The picturesque UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An as featured on our Hanoi to Saigon and World Heritage Sites of Vietnam tours

Japanese Bridge, Hoi An
The Japanese Bridge

And here’s a photo of the famous ‘Japanese Bridge’ at Hoi An – for no reason other than we haven’t posted a Vietnam pic for a while! The 16th or 17th-century bridge is known as the ‘Japanese Bridge’ since it connected the Vietnamese Town with the enclave of Japanese traders and merchants on the other bank of the river. Hoi An has been an important port since the Cham period and now the historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular tourist destination.

Hoi An street scene
Street scene

The picturesque town included in our Hanoi to Saigon tour as well as our World Heritage Sites of Vietnam tour both of which also take in no less than 7 out of the 8 listed UNESCO sites in Vietnam: Halong Bay, the Imperial citadel Hanoi, Hue, My Son, Trang An landscapes, Phong Na-Ke Bang National Park as well as Hoi An! (the only one not included is the 14th -century Ho Dynasty citadel which we feel is more of a historical, than casual interest.

Waterfront, Hoi An
The waterfront