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All Points East news – 5th November

Ok no weather commentary today – we won’t mention floods in Sth Thailand and Malaysia or even the cool spell in Laos and Thailand – since it was pointed out to me that, as Oscar Wilde said, talking about the weather is “the last refuge of the unimaginative”! I’ll tell you about how wonderful my wife, Wi,¬† is instead – (since I just read this worrying Telegraph article!). Should live to lead another tour though, since I’m off Sunday to Phnom Penh for a ‘Cambodia Overland’ tour; Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, boat to Battambang then Pailin, (no relation to…), Chantaburi and back to Bangkok. (Full itinerary here).

Pleased to see our first Sri Lanka tour group for a while heading off to Colombo tomorrow! Highly controversial means apart the government does seem to have been successful in restoring peace, and getting visitors and tourist bucks back to the island has got to be good for everyone in Sri Lanka, regardless of race or religion. Such a great country to visit too, with¬† friendly people, good food and a wide range of sites in a small area: ruined ancient cities, historic towns, forests, great national parks and wildlife, scenic mountains and picturesque coastlines all within relatively short drives of each other. Let’s hope plenty more follow tomorrow’s group!

BTW, whilst we’ve recently updated our itinerary for Sri Lanka, (see here), we’re still looking for a catchy name for the tour, since as Lesley points out ‘Island Explorer’ sounds like an Isle of Wight bus pass, so we’re prepared to offer a 10% discount on said Sri Lanka trip for anyone coming up with a new tour title which captures the spirit of the itinerary and feel of the country!


Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka
Tangalle Beach, Sri Lanka