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Malaysia and Borneo Tour

A 16-day tour combining the highly varied cultural and heritage sites, vibrant street life and of course superb cuisine of West Malaysia with the landscapes and rich flora and fauna of Borneo's Sabah

Our 16-day West Malaysia and Borneo tour combines our Malaysia World Heritage tour of the Malay Peninsula with the Land Below the Wind tour of the Malaysian state of Sabah situated on the island of Borneo.

The former section includes the highly contrasting sights of the capital Kuala Lumpur as well as the UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites of Malacca, (now Melaka), and George Town on Penang Island, while the second features snorkelling on a tropical island in the South China Sea, a hike in World Heritage Mt Kinabalu National Park, wildlife spotting boat trips on the Kinabatangan River and of course the world-famous orangutan rehabilitation centre at Sepilok.

Wild orangutan in (if memory is correct) Kinabatangan
Wild orangutan in (if memory is correct) Kinabatangan

The country’s rich and fascinating history has created a highly varied cultural mix – as well as some of the best, and equally varied, food to be found in Southeast Asia – and, we reckon, created the opportunity for a cracking tour.

Pavement dining in KL's wonderful Chinatown
Pavement dining in KL’s wonderful Chinatown

Yet, if the truth be known, we’ve always been a bit disappointed by such a fantastic destination appearing to somewhat slip under the radar – at least in All Points East’s experience – and we’re delighted to see a considerable increase of interest in both West Malaysia and Borneo in recent times.

Borneo, with its evocative name and tropical jungles, has always ticked over but perhaps West Malaysia lacks the big draw of, for example, Angkor Wat or Halong Bay and the perceptions of remoteness and off-the-beaten-travel travel of say Laos or Myanmar (in happier times). Yet, an efficient transport system, decent roads, good quality accommodation options and a huge range of affordable and highly varied eating options aren’t necessarily a drawback when considering a tour of Southeast Asia.

Anyway, without further ado, we’ll add just a small selection of images of some of the sights and destinations featured on our Malaysia and Borneo tour. (Thanks too to some of our past customers and tour-leaders for their photo contributions.)

Malaysia and Borneo Tour
The odl and the new at KL’s Merdeka Square


West Malaysia Tour
Rickshaws at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, George Town


Malaysia and Borneo Tour
Penang sunset


Malaysia, Borneo, Pulao Dinawan
Pulao Dinawan, Sabah


Malaysia, Borneo Adventure. Hornbill, Erica Halvorsen
Great hornbill at Sepilok by Erica Halvorsen


Generic Borneo rainforest image
Borneo rainforest scene on the Danum Valley extension


Malaysia and Borneo tour
Another of Borneo’s famous primate species is the unique proboscis monkey