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Nong Khiaw, Northern Laos

Our Northern Lao tour continues today with a scenic ride across the mountains to the picturesque town of Nong Khiaw situated on the Ou River. (Or Nong Keow, Nong Khiau – there’s no accepted transliteration and numerous versions). We’ll stay at the small and friendly Nong Khiau Riverside – a charming little spot with individual Lao-style wooden chalets set on the banks of the Ou with dramatic limestone cliff backdrops and views.

Nong Khiaw RiversideInteresting drive across northern Laos to reach Nong Khiaw with some stops at Oudomxai town on the way and a couple of Hmong villages followed by a day at leisure in this superb mountain setting; discover the area on foot or bicycle or just sit back on your balcony and admire the mountains and river below.

The following day is one of the highlights of the tour with a boat ride down the scenic Ou River, winding through mountains, limestone escarpments and pristine forests to the ancient Lao capital of Luang Prabang and with stops to visit various riverbank villages as well as the spectacular cave temples at Pak Ou.

Nam Ou, Laos
Nam Ou, Laos

Water levels are fairly low at this time of year making the trip a bit slower so with luck you may arrive in Luang Prabang for sunset views such as below!

Sunset on Nam Ou nr Luang Prabang
Sunset on Nam Ou nearr Luang Prabang

Thanks for the pretty pix Wi and hope you’re all having a good time in Nth Lao! More when the group reaches Luang Prabang!

Please note since we originally wrote this post a dam on the lower stretch of the Ou river has been completed making travel all the way to Luang Prabang no longer practicable. This isn’t the place to go into the (claimed), pros and (obvious), cons of said dam for now but we’ve changed our river boat trip to the northern section of the Ou for upcoming tours. Slightly inconvenient in that we now have to travel by road to Luang Prabang, though it is a scenic drive and only 3 hours or so, but on the plus side this northern stretch is probably the most scenic part of the river.

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