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Thailand tour photos – Hills of Mae Salong

A selection of travel photos from our recent North Thailand, The Hills of Mae Salong tour from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Actually a private, French language, tour for honeymoon couple Aurore and Jacques with Jean-Daniel tagging along as guide/tour-leader/gooseberry on their Northern Thailand tour, so here’s just a few out of the several hundred Thailand tour photos that the happy couple took!

Thailand tour photos. Reclining Buddha, Wat Phu
Reclining Buddha, Wat Phu

Starting off in Bangkok all went according to plan despite the severe flooding in the city suburbs which thankfully spared at least the city centre area. An excellent and unusual view of the famous reclining Buddha above.

Thailand tour photos. Helping to guard the Royal Palace in Bangkok
Helping to guard the Royal Palace in Bangkok

Our Bangkok tour included the usual suspects: Royal Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Phu, Jim Thompson House Museum as well as a look at some of the lesser-known and off the beaten track sites of Thailand’s capital.

Thailand tour photos. The lush garden at Jim Thompson House
The lush garden at Jim Thompson House
...and some of the many artifacts collected by this famous entrepeneur, silk merchant and secret agent
…and some of the many artefacts collected by this famous art lover, entrepreneur, silk merchant and secret agent

From Bangkok the tour moved north by train through the inundated suburbs to the ancient city and former capital of Ayuthaya – also seriously affected by the floods but thankfully now recovering.

Silhouette of Ayuthaya's stupas
Silhouette of Ayuthaya’s stupas
Traditional Thai music in Ayuthaya
Traditional Thai music in Ayuthaya

Next stop – Chiang Mai, where things seem to have gone a bit pear-shaped with Aurore sporting a rather dubious Akha hat, (though it may have been purchased in Khao San Rd – we didn’t like to ask.)

What did they put in the lime juice?
What did they put in the lime juice?

Also seem to have an inordinate amount of photos featuring a yellow fluffy rabbit(!?), which seems to have accompanied the entire trip – so JD wouldn’t feel so much of a gooseberry perhaps?

Non paying tuk-tuk passenger
Non-paying tuk-tuk passenger

From Chiang Mai the group of 3, plus fluffy rabbit, headed into the hills of Chiang Rai Province for a 3-day trek through the spectacular mountains and visits to hill-tribe villages, followed by a tour of some of the sites of the infamous Golden Triangle.

Packed lunch dessert during trek
Packed lunch dessert during trek

And a visit to the village school at the Red Lahu settlement of Yafu where the group stayed overnight as guests of the local villagers.

Yafu primary school
Yafu primary school

And that’s it for now since most of the other pics have yellow rabbits in them and you can only have so many fluffy rabbit photos!

Cheers and many thanks and a grand merci to Jacques and Aurore for the Thailand tour photos and we wish you all the best in your future together!