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The spectacular rice terraces of Yuanyang, Yunnan Province, China

The tiny mountain-top town of Yuanyang lies just south of the steep Red River Valley in the southern reaches of Yunnan Province, not far from the Vietnamese border. Actually been there 3 times without seeing another foreign tourist, yet it is one of the most spectacular, and certainly photogenic landscapes in that part of the world! The rice terraces have been an ongoing work for some thousand years and are built by the local Hani and Yi people – resident in these mountains. Shame the practice isn’t more widespread further south when you see all the destructive slash and burn practices on say Lao mountain sides. More on the Hani and Yi in a later post and so, without further ado, here’s some pix!

Yuanyang terraces

Yuanyuang terraces

Yuanyuang terraces 28, edit

Yuanyang 5, edit

Yuanyuang terraces 24, edit

Yuanyuang terraces 9, edit2

Yuanyang 2, edit

Yuanyang 10, edit

Yuanyuang terraces 6, resize

A visit to Yuanyang  is included in our All Points East, South of the Clouds tour with an afternoon/sunset visit and the option of a dawn visit the following morning. The small town of Yuanyang – a bustling market centre for all the local hill-tribes, is also a fascinating spot but that’s coming up in the next post.


PS In 2013 the rice terraces of this region were added to  the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.