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Some S. E. Asia blogs we like!

Excellent Malaysian site – Penang  travel tips – containing not only everything you could conceivably ever want, or need, to know about Penang, (food, sites, culture, history), but plenty of info on the rest of Malaysia and links to sites by the same author on many other destinations throughout Asia! Really good site and has to be the best source of info for anyone visiting or interested in Penang. (Recommended for people booking our Malaysia Coast to Coast tour, though after checking this site you’ll probably be requesting a month long extension in Penang!)

Another favourite from a man after our own heart, Andy Brouwer (Andy’s Cambodia), contains a wealth of information about the country and is especially good for what is clearly one of Andy’s passions, remote, little known temple ruins. Info, pictures and directions for rarely visited sites throughout the length and breadth of the kingdom as well as most other aspect of Khmer life and history you can possibly think of. Fascinating stuff! (Makes good background reading for our Beyond Angkor trip!)

Next up is a blog by friend and colleague Chris Gow at Symbiosis, (Symbiosis Expedition Planning), which we feel complements our site, (All Points East), with it’s emphasis on more specialist, custom made trips such as cycling and diving and extends S. E. Asia coverage into less popular destinations in the region such as New Guinea and the Philippines. All good stuff!

Very useful to anyone visiting Cambodia, Thailand, Laos or Vietnam, (plus they’ve recently added Indonesia to the list of countries covered), is another friend and colleague Stuart McDonald’s Travelfish site. ( Their blog style ‘features’ page can be found here...with plenty of interesting articles and pix on many of the destinations featured in our S. E. Asian tours. Keep up the good work!