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Cambodia videos; cookery and tuk-tuks

Couple of excellent Cambodia videos here; – the BBC’s A Cabbie Abroad sees London cab driver Mason McQueen hilariously trying to get to grips with a Phnom Penh tuk-tuk, and Phnom Penh traffic, with the help of our mate Polo, tuk-tuk driver on Street 278.

Polo and his tuk-tuk as featured on the BBC
Polo and his tuk-tuk as featured on the BBC

Also some interesting insights into aspects of modern Cambodia as well as the everyday lives of some of Phnom Penh’s inhabitants. Funny, sad, touching, tragic but never boring. Great TV!

Another one well worth a look is Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Great Escape Cambodia’ where the famous TV presenter and chef goes in search of traditional Khmer food. Ramsay might not be too everyone’s taste but an interesting insight into Khmer cuisine taking him from Phnom Penh to the temples of Angkor and remote forests of Mondulkiri.