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Thale Noi, Phattalung

A picturesque lily-covered, inland sea and bird sanctuary in southern Thailand's Phattalung Province

Thale Noi is a large lake or inland, freshwater sea situated between the southern Thai provinces of Phattalung and Songkhla. The protected wetland, covering some 500 square kilometres, is one of the largest lakes in Southeast Asia and its wide biodiversity gives rise to a rich flora and fauna including numerous resident and migratory birds as well as a variety of fish, mammals and reptilian species.

Purple swamp hen
Purple swamp hen among the water hyacinths

Although a designated non-hunting area, low-scale fishing and fish farming activities are permitted as many of the adjacent villages’ livelihoods are dependant upon the area’s natural resources while farmers bringing their herds of buffalo and cattle to bathe in the shallow waters is a common lakeside scene. (The unusual and characteristic fishing nets do conveniently provide interesting features for your sunset photos.)

Water buffalos with cattle egreet
Water buffalos with cattle egret

We’ve always featured a boat trip and birdwatching in Thale Noi on our south Thailand tours – geographically the lake lies between Nakhon Si Thammarat to the north and the Andaman coast province of Trang to the west – but recently we’ve extended our programme to include an overnight stay at the delightful Sri Pakpra Boutique Resort. Sunrise and sunset – the prime times of course for birds and photography, as well as merely sitting back and enjoying the glorious landscapes – are now on the menu while a stay at the small, family-run lakeside resort is a highlight in its own right.

Early morning boat trip on Thale Noi
Early morning boat trip on Thale Noi

A visit to Thale Noi and overnight accommodation at the Sri Pakpra Boutique Resort feature on our regular South Thailand tour, Mountains and Rainforests, while it can also be included in any tailor-made, or for instance family tour, to the region.

Thale Noi, Phattalung
Water-lilies on the lake

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