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Hidden Thailand Tour accommodation

Images of the various hotels and resorts you'll be staying at on our off the beaten track North Thailand tour, Hidden Thailand

Since we’ve seem to have a particularly good collection of images of our Hidden Thailand Tour accommodation to hand, (thanks mainly to Wi) and working on the basis of – ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ – we thought we’d post a selection of photos of the various hotels and resorts included in this off the beaten track north Thailand tour.

(Note – as always – our choice is subject to availability, although we reckon we’ve got more than acceptable plan Bs at each point on the tour.)

The emphasis, as with all our tours is, as much as possible, on small, low-key and well-located, family-run establishments. Styles will vary; some may be better-located, others better-appointed (we can’t always guarantee a pool) and inevitably there’ll always be some you prefer to others. Having said that we’re proud of all of them so, without further waffle, here’s a selection of Wi’s pics…

Thailand, Nanda Heritage Hotel on Hiden Thailand

In Bangkok, we’ve selected the Nanda Heritage Hotel whose unusual (yet award-winning) design incorporates a well-appointed, modern pool and room block wrapped around a reception and cafe area salvaged and reconstructed from the family’s sadly demolished, 1920s teak mansion. Excellent initiative; comfortable, friendly and with a great location.

Thailand, Foresto Sukhothai

Moving up-country our first stop is Sukhothai with its UNESCO World Heritage ancient city where we stay at the delightful Foresto Sukhothai Guesthome. With beautifully decorated rooms, lush garden and an inviting pool – you won’t want to leave!

Thailand, Lampang Riverside Guesthouse

Another small, family-run location is the cute, boutique-style Lampang Riverside Guesthouse located – as the name suggests – on the banks of the Wang River in Lampang’s old town.  Too small for a pool but we reckon the gorgeous Lanna-style decor and well-placed riverside terrace more than compensate!

Thailand, Phuglong Hotel Phayao

Change of style in off-the-beaten-track Phayao Town with the small but more classic hotel format of Phuglong Hotel.  Spacious, spotless rooms and a great location close to the picturesque lake.

Thailand, Phatang Hill Resort, Hidden Thailand tour

Next stop is Phatang Village atop the Phu Chi Fah Mountain Range. The village was originally settled by Kuomintang (nationalist Chinese) soldiers fleeing Yunnan after defeat by Mao’s People’s Army and our choice, the Phatang Hill Resort, is owned and run by the family of one of the old combatants. Chalet-style rooms atop a remote mountain provide spectacular views and we reckon this is another spot you probably won’t want to check out of. Cosy comfort in the middle of nowhere!

Thailand, Gin's Maekhong View Resort

Another not-too-shabby spot; Gin’s Maekhong View Resort in Chiang Saen. Set on the edge of the small, historic town of Chiang Saen in Chiang Rai Province, overlooking the Mekong River.

Thailand, Ban Hom Muen Lee Resort

More Kuomintang chic in another mountain-top town, Mae Salong. As with most of the town, the Ban Hom Muen Lee Resort is perched on a ridge overlooking orchards and tea plantations in the valley below and while, until recently, Mae Salong was notorious for opium and drug lords today it’s famous for Formosa oolong and temperate fruits such as cherries and plums. A small, boutique, family-run hotel rather than a resort as the name implies, with a great central but quiet location.

Thailand, Laluna Hotel, Chiang Rai

Heading down the mountains our next port of call is the provincial capital, Chiang Rai itself and another charming chalet resort set in lush and well-tended tropical gardens with a rather splendid pool as centrepiece.  La Luna Hotel and Resort is tucked away down a quiet street yet close to the town centre and provides a welcome oasis in the Golden Triangle’s bustling, commercial capital.

Hidden Thailand Tour accommodation, 20 Lodge, Chiang Mai

Last, but certainly not least, is the cute and cosy Twenty Lodge in Chiang Mai’s Old Town. Another central but quiet location down one of the ancient city’s narrow lanes and a perfect spot to unwind for a day or 2 at the end of the tour.

All in all our Hidden Thailand Tour accommodation is a pretty good selection we reckon!

Next departure with availability for our Hidden Thailand tour is 11th January.