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Preah Vihear – criminal damage II

Been watching some footage this morning that the BBC have gotten hold, of with Khmer soldiers pointing out damage to the temple to a cameraman. Here’s the BBC website article, (though can’t find the footage itself on-line), and whilst various fresh bullet holes could be clearly seen there was fortunately no sign of major damage or the ‘collapsed wing’ the Khmer govt mentioned earlier.  Good news, though ANY damage at all to the UNESCO World Heritage Site is very unfortunate!

As we mentioned earlier the 11th century temple is not a great defensive position if you’re being attacked from the north, though the shear escarpment on the southern side meant that it was a very stubborn Khmer Rouge base during fighting with Cambodian govt forces approaching from that direction during the 80’s and early 90s’. Anyway damage looks to have been either incurred during exchanges of small arms fire or perhaps a vindictive Thai soldier letting of a bit of steam, but not a concerted effort by Thai artillery to demolish the temple! That would have been very bad PR for the Thai forces!

Not heard any reports of fighting today so far so let’s hope both sides have come to their senses! Here’s a view to the south from the temple and it’s easy to see why the Khmer Rouge troops stationed up there help out for so long against the govt. forces below!

Preah Vihear, looking to the south
Preah Vihear, looking to the south