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S. E. Asian tour discounts with All Points East

New Year special offer!!!

For the month of January we are offering single room supplements at no additional cost for any bookings on our regular scheduled tours to; Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Malaysia! Better point out that it is aimed at single travellers so it’s not open to couples booking a second room in case they fall out in the middle of a trip!! (Though fortunately we’re pleased to say we’ve had plenty more engagements, wedding proposals and honeymoons on our tours so far than potential divorces so………)

Just for that we’ll add a nice romantic sunset shot, (to brighten up the post), so book a dble – propose to your partner on a tropical island and tell your gooseberry mate they can have a single room as well at no extra charge!

Koh Mak sunset
Koh Mak sunset