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Northern Laos Tour Photos

A brief update on our Northern Laos and the Golden Triangle Tour

A few Northern Laos tour photos for your perusal with Wi having just crossed the Mekong at Chiang Khong this morning with her group on a Northern Laos and the Golden Triangle tour and now heading north into Laos where their first stop will be Luang Nam Tha.

The Boat Landing
Luang Nam Tha Terrace

After spending Chinese New Year in Chiang Mai the party travelled north to Chiang Rai Province and a tour of some of the sites of the ‘Golden Triangle’ region including the border market at Mae Sai, the historic ruins of Chiang Saen and the fascinating Opium Museum at Sob Ruak. (Not forgetting a stop at Chiang Rai’s famous icing sugar, Wat Ron Khun Temple – pix of which we’ve already posted on this blog but will do again since it’s pretty spectacular!)

Thailand, Wat Rong Khun
Chiang Rai’s famous White Temple -Wat Rong Khun
Northern Laos Tour Photos
Overnight in Chiang Khong

Also pretty spectacular is this view from the small riverside town of Chiang Khong where the group spends their last night in Thailand before crossing to Laos’ Huay Xai Town. This picturesque dawn over the Mekong was mailed to us by a customer on a previous tour but my wife lost the person’s details when daughter Lily split a cup of chocolate milk over her laptop!? (So apologies to the person in question and if you’re out there please let us know.)

Mekong dawn, Chiang Khong
Mekong dawn, Chiang Khong

Luang Nam Tha’s Boat Landing lies just outside the town on the edge of the Nam Ha Protected Area and our activities during our 2-day stay in Nam Tha include a jungle hike and visit to a village of the Akha ethnic group – just one of the hill-tribe peoples inhabiting this part of Laos, as well as relaxing on your balcony and soaking up the picturesque setting! Tomorrow the group heads overland across northern Laos to the equally picturesque Nong Khiaw Village so more of them later!

Wi’s Northern Laos tour photos were taken on our 2-week Chiang Mai to Vientiane – Northern Laos and the Golden Triangle tourĀ  – while full details of all our Laos tours can be found here.