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Some handy new airline routes from Chiang Mai for 2018

As a Chiang Mai resident, we’re particularly happy to see Qatar Airline’s addition of a new CNX to Heathrow route for 2018. Yes, it does involve a change of planes in Doha but conveniently it does eliminate a change of planes in Bangkok as well. We reckon it could shave off at least 4 to 5 hours on north Thailand to UK travel as well as economising cash on the extra Bangkok flight. Good news for us but equally good news for any passengers signing up for tours starting or finishing in Chiang Mai including our new Hidden Thailand tour or Northern Laos and the Golden Triangle.

Chiang Mai's ancient temples suddenly more accessible
Chiang Mai’s ancient temples suddenly more accessible

Another useful new route is Bangkok Airways’s daily, direct Chiang Mai to Hanoi flight meaning the 2 historic cities are now a mere 2 hours apart. Convenient opportunities then for a short break in everyone’s favourite Thai city before or after one of our various tours starting or finishing in Vietnam’s capital.

All we need now then is a Chiang Mai Phnom Penh route!

PS before some smart Alec points it out we know the featured image isn’t Chiang Mai (it’s Mae Hong Son) but it was the only north Thai airport pic we had to hand!