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Vietnam and Cambodia tour photos

Many thanks to David Roberts for these contributions from a recent Vietnam and Cambodia Overland tour.

Some Vietnam and Cambodia photos gratefully received from David taken on his recent 2-week Saigon to Phnom Penh Overland tour. Keeping the blurb to a minimum and in approximately the correct order then we have…

Vietnam, David getting stuck at Cu Chi
A tight squeeze for David at Cu Chi

David struggling to emerge from one of the Vietcong tunnels at Cu Chi, near Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), bearing in mind that much of the original system was widened to allow visitor access!

Vietnam, Ba Duc 'Homestay' at Cai Be.
The Ba Duc ‘Homestay’ at Cai Be.

Looks like breakfast at Ba Duc – a fabulous, converted period villa on an island in the Mekong Delta close to Cai Be Town.

Cambodia, the FCC bar, Phnom Penh
The FCC bar, Phnom Penh

Welcome to Phnom Penh with an obligatory afternoon cocktail at, of course, the famous riverside Foreign Correspondents Club. You do pay a bit extra for the view and name but you can’t really say you’ve visited Phnom Penh without at least one beverage at the venerable old institution.

Cambodia, local guide Chet at Angkor
Local guide Chet at Angkor

We’ve skipped to the temples at Angkor (could be any of them) for this excellent portrait of our excellent Siem Reap temple guide, Chet. Knowledgeable with fine language skills and a great sense of humour – what more can you ask for?!

Cambodia, Battambang's Bamboo Railway
Battambang’s Bamboo Railway

Don’t worry, it’s not an accident, this is the procedure when you meet a ‘train’ coming the other way. The famous service was closed down last year as the government re-introduced ‘real’ trains on the Phnom Penh to Battambang line although, as the current schedule only accounts for 1 departure per week each way, the ever-popular bamboo train has been consequently reinstated – for now at least.

 Vietnam and Cambodia tour photos group shot at Battambang's Delux Villa.
Group shot at Battambang’s Delux Villa.

Still in Battambang for this group shot at the friendly, family-run Delux Villa. (Their spelling, not ours.) A top, little low-key hotel with a garden and pool and central location.

 Vietnam and Cambodia tour photosPhnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre
Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre

As David and Ruth extended the standard the 2-week tour with an extension to Kep, Kampot and Takeo Provinces in southern Cambodia the final shot is Mark and the cold drinks lady at the wonderful Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre south of Phnom Penh.

Thanks again to David for the Vietnam and Cambodia tour photos. Any other contributions gratefully received (just send a few medium res JPEGS to Mel or Lesley in the UK office) and the next departure, for anyone tempted, is 18th February with 4 available places remaining.