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Ta Prom – in by the side door

Ta Prom, Angkor - Cambodia's famous Tomb Raider Temple as featured on our Highlights of Cambodia and Cambodia Overland tours

Prasart Ta Prom, at UNESCO World Heritage-listed Angkor. Cambodia’s famous, so-called, ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ with its giant trees and sprawling roots is certainly one of the vast Angkor complex’s most famous and photogenic sites and so consequently, it does see a lot of visitors and in the high season particularly can get rather busy.

Ta Prom, Angkor

A regular, classic itinerary would have you entering by the popular West Gate and perhaps exiting to the east side car-park or vice versa. However, a visit by way of the picturesque, yet rarely-visited, north entrance is an excellent way of avoiding the crowds  – for the first part of your visit at least. There’s no car-park and zero drink or postcard vendors either so you’ll be on your own as you pass through the spectacular sandstone entrance with its iconic and mysterious carved faces.

Colourful but spoils the atmosphere somewhat!
Colourful, but spoils the atmosphere somewhat!

A trail through the forest leads from the massive sandstone gateway or gopura to the main temple complex where the coach parties of selfie-taking would-be Lara Crofts are harder to avoid but it certainly makes for an atmospheric entrance to what is – crowds or no crowds – always a truly amazing sight.

The North Gate
The North Gate

A visit to the jungle-covered ruins of Ta Prom Temple is featured on our 2-week Cambodia Overland, Saigon to Phnom Penh tour, the shorter, Phnom Penh to Siem Reap ‘Highlights of Cambodia’, as well as our Cambodia and Thailand family tour, Ruined Cities and Tropical Islands tour. For any further info, details and schedules of these or any of our Cambodian tours see this link.

The famous Lara Croft doorway
The famous Lara Croft doorway