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Phnom Penh, Cambodia – totally wired

Some of the more unusual sights of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh on All Points East's Cambodia Overland tour

Phnom Penh totally wired – one of the Cambodian capital’s more unusual holiday photo subjects. Views such as the below never cease to amaze visitors to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and indeed not surprisingly end up as the subject matter of a fair amount of holiday photos.

Junction of 154 and 51st streets, Phnom Penh
Junction of 154 and 51st streets, Phnom Penh

What for Western visitors is, to say the least, pretty odd cabling and wiring set-ups is actually par for the course in much of Southeast Asia though Phnom Penh is home to some spectacular examples even if locals wouldn’t give such sights a second glance.

Another example from 154th Street
Another example from 154th Street

Note we reckon at least 50% of these cables are certainly not live since local telephone and electricity workers – for reasons we haven’t yet fathomed – fail to remove old lines when they put new ones in. Seems like an awful waste of wiring in a country where recycling provides valued income but again when faced with the above would you want to start messing around with any of the existing cables or merely add your new connection asap and get out!?

Phnom Penh totally wired. Ditto

Just one of the odd sights amongst many in what is certainly one of the region’s most fascinating and fun cities.

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