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Dawn at Angkor Wat – 10 favourite photos

A selection of Angkor sunrise photographs

A bit rushed today -no time to write a blog post – so we’ll fall back on a few classic dawn at Angkor Wat pictures, which you can never have too many of (can you)? Must have watched the dawn rise over the famous silhouette at least 30 times but it never gets boring! Different time of year, different weather, different light – sometimes busy, sometimes quiet but always spectacular!

Silver and gold


Blue, purple and orange


Red, orange and purple


Slightly misty, grey and blue


Blue, grey, yellow


A rainy season grey and silver


Dawn at Angkor Wat. Just blue


Violet and blue


Dawn at Angkor Wat. Silver and blue


Dawn at Angkor Wat. A serene pale blue

Now goes without saying that it’s a matter of pot luck but we reckon there are ways to optimize the dawn at Angkor Wat experience even on a drab grey morn. Firstly we like to get there early – even whilst it’s still pitch dark. I mean to catch dawn you’re going to have to get up very early anyway so, 4.00 or 4.30 – what’s the difference?  That way you get there before the crowds arrive and will have the experience of entering a near-empty Angkor Wat at night time. It then means we get front row ‘seats’ or stones at the prime sunrise watching location and even if there aren’t any bright colours you will still have the fantastic experience of watching the iconic silhouette taking shape and emerging out of the gloom!

If you’re going to see one of the wonders of the world – and you’ll maybe only have the chance to do it once then at least, do it properly!

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