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Cambodia – a pizzeria on the back of a tuk-tuk!

How one enterprising Phnom Penh local has set up a pizzeria - complete with wood-fited oven - on the back of his tuk-tuk

Not any old Cambodia tuk-tuk pizzeria but one with a wood-fired oven no less! One of the most extraordinary sights we’ve seen of late in Phnom Penh – and it’s a city where the extraordinary is commonplace – is this mobile pizzeria that sets up every evening on the Khmer capital’s 51st Street. The complete pizzeria fits into the back of a converted tuk-tuk including a genuine wood-fired oven made out of an old oil barrel. (Which spoil-sport mentioned health and safety?)

Cambodia tuk-tuk pizzeria. Corner of 51 and 172, Phnom Penh
Corner of 51 and 172, Phnom Penh

The pizzeria sets up around 8 ish every evening on a stretch of pavement by the corner of 51 and 172 streets, (next to Black Cat Bar), so in a popular bar and night-life part of town and directly opposite the town’s best-known nightclub, Pontoon. The tables and chairs are unfolded and the logs lit, the front of the tuk-tuk folds down into a bar top and the ice-box/fridge is unloaded. Takes a while for the oven to heat up but usually, by around 9.00 every evening the pizzeria is open for business! Goes on until late – or early morning – and they even take telephone orders, (though sorry, we don’t have his number.)

Cambodia tuk-tuk pizzeria. They taste good too!
They taste good too!

What’s more – the pizzas themselves are excellent – thin crispy and not too over-laden; come in medium or large sizes and most of the surrounding bars will let you eat them there too. If that’s not enough, they’re cheap too with large sizes starting at $5 and medium at $3! Brilliant imitative and we reckon if someone is looking to break the Sam Rainsy, Hun Sen bore then how about this super enterprising pizza chef for prime minister – he’s clearly a very smart guy?

Most of our Cambodia tours end with a free evening in Phnom Penh so why not try this out – as long as you can wait until 9.00 of course?