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Kep sunsets

Some colourful views of the Cambodian coastal town

More pics from down the back of the sofa (or is that settee?). This time a selection of images of Kep sunsets taken during our last visit to the small Cambodian coastal town. We thought of Kep since we’ll be down there again in a couple of weeks on our next Beyond Angkor – off the beaten track Cambodia tour – which we’re very much looking forward to. Originally known as Kep-Sur-Mer the town, replete with holiday villas, hotels and the obligatory casino, was a popular seaside resort for hot and sticky colonists during the French period and a haunt of the post-independence Khmer elite before getting totally trashed during the war years of the late 70s.

Accounts vary as to whether it was destroyed by the Khmer Rouge – seeing the villas, hotels and casino as undesirable symbols of bourgeois decadence – or whether it was destroyed by the Vietnamese liberators who saw it as…. well probably an undesirable symbol of bourgeois decadence? Anyway, on with the pretty pics!

Fishing boat in Kampot BayThe town’s famous Crab Market or Psa Kdam, lies opposite our charming little resort, the delightfully low-key, friendly Mealea Resort and, with its well-situated cafes on stilts over the sea is our venue fo choice for sundowners and sunset photographs. The mountain in the background of a couple of the images – looking across Kampot Bay – is Bokor Mountain.

Kep sunsets


Bokor on the horizon


Looking across Kampot BayThe sun sets behind the island of Phu Quoc – today officially belonging to Vietnam since the French established the borders on granting independence, but a long-standing sore point with the Khmers.

Taken from the Crab Market


Kep sunsets


Kep sunsets

Anyway looking forward to getting back down there for another chilled beer in the Crab market and some more Kep sunsets.

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