Thailand, Laos and Vietnam tour; ‘Unexplored, the Far North’ (23 days)

A 3 week Thailand, Laos and Vietnam tour. Little more than one hundred years ago much of these northern reaches of Southeast Asia were still marked on maps as simply ‘unexplored’! This northern Indochina tour will offer you the chance to journey overland through some of these remote, off-the-beaten-track, but truly spectacular regions; from Thailand’s infamous Golden Triangle, across the dramatic mountains and jungles of Northern Lao and into the lush valleys and high peaks of Northwest Vietnam, inhabited by myriad traditional hill-tribe peoples. Travel from Chiang Mai to UNESCO World Heritage Luang Prabang and the mysterious Plain of Jars, the awesome limestone scenery and famous Vieng Xai Caves of Sam Neua Province, the picturesque old French Hill station of Sapa and on by train to our final destination, Hanoi.