Maldives Tour – ‘Hidden Maldives’ (6 days)

Our Hidden Maldives tour aims to provide you with some glimpses into the real country, people and culture that few visitors get to see. It’s luxury resorts on private, tourist islands surrounded by turquoise atolls, where international staff serve international cuisine are world famous; but what about the rest of the country? On this trip we’ll stay in a traditional fishing village – in a locally run inn – and provide ample opportunities to visit markets, meet the residents in local tea shops, discover wonderful Maldivian cuisine, and offer a walking tour of the fascinating and unique labyrinth of narrow lanes that is the nation’s capital Malé.  In addition, there is plenty of  time to explore the vibrant coral reefs, deserted sandbanks, white sand beaches, and with luck, spot some of the still abundant turtles, rays and dolphins.

With modern development, increased tourism and global warming with its accompanying rising sea levels, the Maldives has plenty of ecological issues to deal with.  With this in mind we’ll visit the Save the Beach organisation to see how this excellent local initiative is attempting to work with residents, fishermen and the Ministry of the Environment to resolve some of the country’s 21st century problems.

This tour has all the elements of a classic Maldives visit, plus an insight into the local culture and traditions that lie behind the postcard images of this popular, yet surprisingly little explored, destination.

Note, while we’d originally conceived this tour as an add-on to our itineraries in neighbouring Sri Lanka, the Maldives is in fact very easily combined with most of our Southeast Asian tours.  The islands are situation roughly half-way between Dubai and Bangkok and offer excellent flights connections.

Our tour will be fully escorted by an English speaking local guide and is also offered as part of our family tour selection.

Maldives tour - 'Hidden Maldives'