Laos tour ‘Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars’ (7 days)

Laos tour ‘Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars’ is a one week tour of some of the fabulous historical, cultural and scenic highlights of northern Laos including the ancient capital, now UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang, where we’ll explore the beautiful temples and colonial architecture of what is acknowledged to be the best preserved city in Southeast Asia. From here we’ll head south for a spectacular drive through the central highlands via traditional villages and local markets to the remote, yet fascinating and mysterious Plain of Jars. Our tour also includes a visit to MAG, the Mines Advisory Group, to see how they are tackling the problem of unexploded ordinance left over from the extensive US bombing of Laos and in particular the Plain of Jars region during the war with North Vietnam and the communist backed Pathet Lao.

From here a domestic flight takes us down to the laid-back present day capital of Vientiane with its scenic location on the banks of the Mekong River.

This 1 week tour is designed a stand alone north Laos tour but can also be extended into rarely visited central and south Laos on our Mekong Adventure or alternatively with a flight from Vientiane to Phnom Penh on our 2 week Indochina Adventure.

Laos tour ‘Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars’