Laos and Vietnam tour – ‘Mountains and Hill-tribes’ (15 days)

A 15 day Laos and Vietnam tour. This superb voyage through some of Southeast Asia’s most remote but spectacular regions begins in the ancient Lao capital and now World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang before taking you through the dramatic mountains and jungles of Northern Lao and Vietnam. Discover the myriad traditional ‘hill-tribe’ peoples; the enigmatic Plain of Jars, spectacular limestone landscapes of Sam Neua, the famous Vieng Xai Pathet Lao caves and the old French Hill station of Sapa from where we’ll continue by train to our final destination, Hanoi. A 2 day extension also allows you to include the fabulous, and also World Heritage, scenery of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

Laos and Vietnam tour - 'Mountains and Hill-tribes'