Laos and Cambodia tour, ‘Indochina Adventure’ (14 or 17 days)

Our fascinating, 2 week Laos and Cambodia tour, ‘Indochina Adventure’ takes you through the heart of Southeast Asia. Beginning in northern Laos in the ancient capital, now World Heritage Site, of Luang Prabang, we’ll explore the beautiful temples and colonial architecture of what is acknowledged to be the region’s best preserved city, before crossing spectacular mountains to the remote and mysterious Plain of Jars. Our journey continues to the contrasting, contemporary capitals of laid-back Vientiane overlooking the Mekong River and bustling, vibrant Phnom Penh. From there we’ll travel overland through picturesque countryside to the enigmatic and dramatic, jungle-clad temples of Angkor.

A wide variety of stunning Asian landscapes; UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient sites and vibrant contemporary street life and local markets, plus of course plenty of friendly locals and lashings of wonderful Southeast Asian cuisine to sample, (deep fried tarantulas not compulsory!), make for an unforgettable 2 week tour of some of the best known, plus rarely visited sites, Indochina has to offer.

Note we offer either a 14 or 17 day version of our Laos and Cambodia, ‘Indochina Adventure’, finishing with a return flight from Siem Reap Airport or for those with more time to spare we complete a Cambodia loop with a spectacular boat journey up the Sangkar River to Battambang and a ride back to Phnom Penh for the flight home. Strongly recommended!

Laos and Cambodia Tour, 'Indochina Adventure'