Cambodia tour ‘Highlights of Cambodia’ (7 days)

An exciting one week Cambodia tour ‘Highlights of Cambodia’ combines Angkor’s famous temples and best known sites with some of the more off the beaten track ones, in an overland adventure through this fascinating and little known country. From the charming riverside capital of Phnom Penh, up-country through picturesque landscapes, traditional villages and timeless country scenes to the mysterious and dramatic, jungle-clad temples of Angkor itself.

Our Angkor programme, spread over 4 days, allows a comprehensive visit but at a leisurely pace as well as providing plenty of time to sample lively Siem Reap’s markets, cafes and restaurants. If you’re only going to visit Angkor once in your life then we reckon make sure you make the most of that visit!

An unforgettable tour; spectacular destinations, friendly people, informed (and fun) guides, comfortable accommodation and plenty of great local food to discover. (And don’t worry; the deep fried tarantulas are not compulsory!)

Note for those with less time a 4 day Angkor option is also on offer while if you can spare a few extra days we reckon our 11 day Cambodia Overland tour, including a spectacular boat journey up the picturesque Sangkar River plus a bicycle or tuk-tuk tour to discover Battambang’s traditional village livelihoods is a must!

Cambodia tour 'Highlights of Cambodia'