Cambodia tour ‘Cambodia Overland’ (11 days)

Our Cambodia tour ‘Cambodia Overland’: – a road and river adventure through this fascinating, yet little known country. As usual this exciting journey will combine the best known sites  including of course the fabulous temples of Angkor – with some of the more off the beaten track ones.  From the hectic yet charming riverside capital Phnom Penh; overland through picturesque landscapes to the mysterious, dramatic, jungle-clad temples of Angkor, before crossing the scenic Tonle Sap Lake and travelling down river by boat to Battambang. We’ll explore the traditional village life and cottages industries in the tranquil Battambang countryside by bicycle or and complete our loop to Phnom Penh via the photogenic riverside town of Kompong Chnang. A fascinating and unforgettable 10 day tour of Cambodia!

Cambodia tour 'Cambodia Overland'