Cambodia, Koh Dach – the Silk Island (1 day)

A spare day in Phnom Penh? Escape the hustle and bustle of this fascinating, yet admittedly hectic city with a day out to nearby Koh Dach. An island lying in the Mekong River itself, tranquil Koh Dach manages to seem a world away from downtown Phnom Penh whilst conveniently being only a short drive out of town along the river bank.

No sealed roads and virtually no vehicles other than motorbikes, bicycles and ox carts gives you a chance to experience traditional village life and meet the friendly locals as well as to discover the local cottage industry – weaving. Koh Dach is also known as the ‘Silk Island’ and is famous for it’s time honoured silk, cotton and even kapok weaving methods.

An unusual and fascinating day trip!