Thai national parks #5 – Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Mu Koh Chang National Marine Park to give it it’s full name, is situated in the eastern Thai province of Trat, abutting Cambodia, (or Cambodian waters to be precise!).  The national park comprises of the mountainous interior and surrounding waters of the large island of Koh Chang, as well as the myriad coral fringed rocks and smaller islands stretching between Koh Chang and the Cambodian border. (Mind you some of these, such as Koh Kut are actually pretty large and also include well preserved forest interiors, whilst others such as Koh Mak are primarily given over to rubber and coconut plantations.)

Despite the hectic development on Koh Chang’s beaches most of the interior is actually pretty well preserved, whilst the east coast still has some mangrove swamp areas. Smaller mammals and bird-life abound! Whilst the waters around the large island are generally too cloudy for decent snorkelling, many of the smaller isles have abundant coral.

On our Ruined Cities and Tropical Islands tour, we stay on Koh Mak during the dry season and the rainy season on Koh Chang – where there’s more to do if the weather’s inclement! A boat tour and snorkelling in the Koh Chang archipelago is on the agenda weather permitting! Both islands are also very popular beach extensions to many of our tours.

Boat trip in Koh Chang Marine Park

Could post a hundred pretty pix of Koh Chang and surrounding islands but here’s just one more – a view of some of the archipelago’s islands from the wonderful Koh Mak

Koh Mak

Go on – one more then! Koh Wai!

Koh Wai

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